Spare some change?

On a day of checking out the sites of Vancouver we found some pretty cool buskers on Granville Island; each of them performing at a powered site with their portable PA system, CD albums on display for purchase, and of course, the standard guitar case or hat out the front for tips. We thought we better delve into this a little further…. So we did some research, paid for a permit and it turns out that the Granville Island Buskers are a pretty organised bunch. Each day the buskers group for the morning draw (a totally random draw that delegates where everyone will perform throughout the day) and from there each act departs for the day with their trolley full of stuff - Instruments and sound gear for the musicians (some doing up to 4 hour length sets in one day), juggling pins, fire sticks, sharp objects and basket balls fill the carts for the circle acts. Sometimes it seems all a little too organised; tourists get the idea that the we are paid performers, which makes it hard for a pair of modest musicians who don’t want to ask for people to ‘spare some change’. But it’s been good so far, we haven’t had a day without a CD sale!
~ Zeebz

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