What's new, pussy cat? 

It's been a busy year so far here in Victoria. We've been enjoying the weather and the cool change! It's been fun perfoming at the local farmers markets, and we are looking forward to doing a bunch more! Vitula has been busily working on her vocals, and they are coming along quite nicely. A nice new dynamic to our music is definately in the making. Looking ahead to May and June and we are thinking of performing a whole bunch of local shows, should be a good couple of months!
Stay tuned...
~ Zeebz & Vitula – 07/05/2013

Hit the road, Jack 

As if it wasn't enough to catch a plane from Vancouver to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Sydney, Sydney to Brisbane, and Brisbane to Gladstone, we decided to jump in a van and travel 2,121km to Victoria, and apparently, it's the place to be! We're starting to believe this after performing our first gig in the region (even with a 9:30am start) today. The people here a very friendly and responsive to our music (not only did we have a few CD sales but managed to score some free gourmet sausages and some flowers). We’ve managed to score a couple more gigs and are hoping to scout some more in the upcoming weeks to help this ship stay afloat.

Spare some change? 

On a day of checking out the sites of Vancouver we found some pretty cool buskers on Granville Island; each of them performing at a powered site with their portable PA system, CD albums on display for purchase, and of course, the standard guitar case or hat out the front for tips. We thought we better delve into this a little further…. So we did some research, paid for a permit and it turns out that the Granville Island Buskers are a pretty organised bunch. Each day the buskers group for the morning draw (a totally random draw that delegates where everyone will perform throughout the day) and from there each act departs for the day with their trolley full of stuff - Instruments and sound gear for the musicians (some doing up to 4 hour length sets in one day), juggling pins, fire sticks, sharp objects and basket balls fill the carts for the circle acts. Sometimes it seems all a little too organised; tourists get the idea that the we are paid performers, which makes it hard for a pair of modest musicians who don’t want to ask for people to ‘spare some change’. But it’s been good so far, we haven’t had a day without a CD sale!
~ Zeebz

No Pain, No Gain 

And the ball is rolling!
Art work and final master has been sent away for production; due to be released on ITunes and other good digital outlets on the 21st of this month. And here's a sneak peak. Enjoy!! :D

Ready. Set. Go! 

T-minus 60 days, 16 hours & 10 mins until Vitula and I embark on a new adventure to Canada, but hey, who’s counting!!??
Got a few gigs around home with many of beers and catch-ups to be had before we leave and we should (fingers crossed) have our debut album wrapped up and ready for print by the end of the week! Exciting times!!!
~ Zeebz

Pinch and a punch 

White rabbits, orange golf balls, no returns...... Superstition, ughhh - who needs it!? Good luck isn't needed to know this month is going to be a little radical and bodacious;  good friend and artist, Sam from The Dead Mans Hand has finished an awesome design for a new run of T-shirts, album is almost mixed down and we're franticly researching and booking gigs for a Canadian adventure...In the words of Big Kev- “I'm excited!"

A rollercoaster built not just for two.  

This ride requires no admission fee, nor does it have any specific requirements. It does however; require an abundance of structural support. Stability is the key, and without it we may as well throw in the towel, get a refund and find another ride.
Since announcing our plans of touring abroad and the release of our debut album, Vitula and I have been overwhelmed with the amount of love our friends, family and the people that dig our music have shown. Without your backing, we may as well not be doing this at all… You’re the structure that holds this ride together, and I’m glad you’re all a part of it.
Thanks a bunch!
~ Zeebz

The things we do..... 

The word blog is enough for me; I'm fairly sure it's not even a word. Someone out there is having a good old chuckle about the millions of people out there that say and write about it every day; well that's what I think, anyway.... It's Saturday night, I'm stuck at work (flat out, as you can tell) and everyone is probably 'necking' beers and having a grand old time. Well cheers to you, cheers to you....

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